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This product is a job search & recruitment site custom-made to help veterans return to normal work by translating military ranks to skill sets and matching these with suitable jobs. Our client, a dedicated advocate for veteran support, approached our team with a visionary idea: to develop a job search website that assists veterans in transitioning to civilian life by matching their military experience with suitable job opportunities. The client’s goal was to bridge the gap between military service and civilian employment by translating military ranks and titles into valuable skill sets that would resonate with employers.

Challenges and Actions

Upon approaching us, the client had only a basic concept in mind. They lacked a concrete plan or technical expertise to execute their vision effectively. One significant challenge we faced was the absence of a clear roadmap or defined requirements for the project. Our team had to work closely with the client to flesh out their idea and develop a comprehensive strategy to bring it to life. PowerGate Austrailia chose to handle this project with a design phase and build phase approach. In the first phase, the design phase, we collaborated closely with the client to define project objectives, identify target users, and outline key features and functionalities for the platform. Despite the initial ambiguity, our team invested significant time and effort in drafting the architecture design for the platform. We created wireframes and prototypes to visualize the user interface and ensure a seamless user experience. Through iterative feedback sessions with the client, we refined the design to align with their vision and requirements. During the development phase, recognizing the client’s constraints in terms of resources, we adopted an agile development approach to prioritize features and deliver incremental updates. Our development team leveraged modern technologies and frameworks to build a robust and scalable platform infrastructure. We implemented algorithms to translate military ranks and titles into relevant skill sets, ensuring accurate matching with job opportunities.

Key Features

-User Registration and Profile Creation: This recruitment site allows veterans to create profiles by entering their military background, including rank, branch, and specialties; additional information such as education, certifications, and desired civilian career goals. -Skill Translation Algorithm: Develop an algorithm that translates military job titles, duties, and skills into civilian equivalents. -Job Search and Matching -Resume Building and Optimization 


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