ntellectual property (IP) is the property of your mind or exclusive knowledge. If you develop a new product, service, process or idea it belongs to you and is considered your IP. PowerGate can assign developed Intellectual Property to a client.

To assure its customers of PowerGate Australia’s commitment to protecting their IP (Intellectual Property), is the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

PowerGate will treat its customers’ intellectual property with the utmost care, it is PowerGate’s policy to sign an NDA with all customers at the start of business.

The NDA sets out the rules and responsibilities of both parties and is strictly followed by all of PowerGate Australia’s employees. All of our employees are requested to follow company confidentiality, privacy, and compliance and requested to sign a private contract with PowerGate before officially onboarding in terms of Privacy Commitment (NDA), Intellectual Property (IP), and Non-Competition Commitment. PowerGate Australia operates regular training to educate employees on the general security policy, the information stored, processed, and transmitted for code, Git, technologies, databases, etc.