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The real estate industry is dynamic. It involves managing a variety of tasks, including managing several projects, following various locations, maintaining up-to-date inventory, selling real estate, locating renters, and recruiting investors for new construction, among many other things. PowerGate creates and develops state-of-the-art real estate mobile applications that are suited to your requirements, target market, and objectives. 

The world’s real estate market is flourishing and growing incredibly quickly. Such growth inevitably brings about fantastic opportunities and advancement. The main force behind real estate breakthroughs is technology.

Tailoring solution to fit your businesses 

We can design and develop a comprehensive product to meet the needs of your company with the aid of our bespoke real estate software development services and profound domain. No matter if it’s a brand-new application created from scratch or a significant update or upgrade of the existing system, we’ll choose the best approach and technology stack to ensure the smoothest process. 

Property Management Apps 

With our purpose-built mobile apps for property management, you can keep a close eye on your properties. Our staff will create a special property management system so you can quickly access all the information and keep track of all the specifics you need to manage your company wisely. We will assist you in putting advanced features like key control systems, role-access security, and video surveillance into place. From a single management application, you will be able to manage anything from tracking the status of a lease to overseeing the development of a construction project.

Real estate CRM software 

When it comes to real estate platforms in particular, streamlined processes are fantastic for increasing profitability. You may speed up any ongoing process and begin making data-driven decisions by utilizing our custom CRM management solutions, which we will create from scratch or upgrade your existing application. For managers of many properties, having a customized CRM is very helpful because it makes integration easier and makes it much simpler to concurrently monitor and compare multiple projects.

Database Analytics Software Solution

Tracking sales and rental revenue, gaining deep insights into real estate business operations commissions, and the number of days properties are on the market may be done more easily using a real estate Database Analytics Software Solution. You can see all of your important data as it is updated in real-time with a real estate management dashboard. 

Property listings 

A comprehensive platform collects and lists all the properties available for sale or for rent that help landlords, renters, and buyers of residential and commercial properties to view, compare and connect. 

Booking And Reservation Systems Development 

Booking And Reservation solution is designed to provide a drill-through digital system to help the property managers to handle requests for bookings, that work for all types of accommodation: Hotels, motels, hostels, lodges & guest houses. The typical functional features are enabling users to search and find the most relevant booking options, check available rooms, booking confirmation, calculate and display accommodation charges and other utilities, cancel bookings, display and change records of guests. 

All-In-One Platform For Real Estate Agents 

A single multipurpose platform can be used to manage the performance of your team and real estate agents. Improve your ability to communicate by automating daily procedures that speed up your workflow and managing buyer interest in real-time. Additionally, we can assist you in setting up HOA software solutions so you can optimize your financial records, automate workflows, and streamline data reporting. This program enhances the job of real estate brokers by utilizing cloud-based capabilities and cutting-edge data processing. 

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PowerGate Australia teams help tech startups, retailers and brands developing world-class business and customer experiences through their ecommerce software.


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Marketing and AdTech

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