N ode.js has become increasingly essential for back-end coding in web development. It has proven to be capable of building high-performance web portals integrated with databases, often in conjunction with Angular for the front-end. PowerGate Australia offers Node.js development services and JavaScript-based frontend solutions.

Node.js Web Development PowerGate provides comprehensive Node.js development and refactoring services, regardless of your starting point, whether it’s a basic idea, wireframes, a prototype, or an existing application.

Our Node.JS services

Node.js Off-The-Shelf Customization  

Our team of Node.js engineers enhance the functionality of third-party Node.js-driven solutions, tailoring them to better suit your business needs.

Node.js Legacy

PowerGate specializes in migrating legacy code to Node.js and upgrading existing Node.js applications to newer versions of the Node.js frameworks as they are released.

Node.js Support & Maintenance 

We utilize Node.js issue detection and remote administration tools to offer 24/7 infrastructure monitoring, architecture and environment audits, as well as troubleshooting for your Node.js applications.

Why uses Node.Js? 


Language Sharing Across the Stack 

With Node.js, developers can use JavaScript both for front-end and back-end development, enabling better communication between teams and making full-stack development more accessible. Node.js also supports TypeScript for those who prefer static typing. 

Rapid Development 

Node.js allows for quick and easy development, with servers being started effortlessly and basic APIs set up in under a minute. It is ideal for prototyping solutions and architectures, and developers have the flexibility to switch between dynamically and statically typing as needed. 

The Node Package Manager (NPM) 

 NPM is a powerful package manager that enables developers to easily download and use code packages created by others. It provides access to a vast library registry, simplifying application dependency management and facilitating the automation of tasks through package.json scripts. 

Single-Threaded Event Loop Architecture for Microservices 

Node.js utilizes a single-threaded event loop architecture, which is well-suited for microservice architectures. This architecture efficiently handles requests, eliminates the need for thread management, and requires less memory compared to traditional multi-threaded systems. 

Native Support in AWS 

Node.js is natively supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and integrates tightly with the platform. AWS provides tools like Cloud9 IDE, which allows developers to write and edit code directly from the browser. Node.js can also leverage AWS IoT SDK and the AWS Cloud Development Kit for JavaScript, with support for TypeScript. 

Overall, Node.js offers advantages such as language sharing, rapid development, a powerful package manager, suitability for microservices, and seamless integration with AWS, making it a popular choice for web developers.

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