PowerGate Australia has been helping businesses innovate and implement digital transformations by constructing specialized software development teams for some of the top software companies. The Dedicated development team model is a great match for businesses that need to build up their development resources with uncommon or highly specialized skills. Your businesses can gain from this approach in numerous ways, including the ability to quickly scale up or down as necessary, lower development costs and shorten time to market. The project’s goals, milestones, and deliverables will all be thoroughly controlled. 


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Advantages of Offshore PowerGate Australia’s Dedicated Development team 

    • Feasible to create a flexible budget with no startup, tax, or maintenance expenditures. 
    • Ability to hire devoted developers who have considerable experience and extensive skills 
    • Ability to choose team members, organize interviews, and manage your team with ease. 
    • Directly access to each member of the development team 
    • Having experienced team leader/Agile PM to oversee the group 
    • Enhancing your internal team as soon as possible with professional resources 

How does PowerGate Australia’s Offshore Dedicated Development Team work? 

Our devoted software development teams at PowerGate Australia build products using the Agile/Scrum methodology. 

Full-time developers work 8 hours every day, 5 days a week. Because we understand our clients’ demands and acknowledge the benefit of online communication, we adjust our working hours to suit their requirements. We typically work from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m GMT +7. 

Slack, Skype, and Zoom are frequently apps that we use for everyday chat and video calls at our office. In essence, we are all well-versed in written technical language, and our project managers have a high level of proficiency in both written and spoken English. 

The work of our devoted software development team is completely visible. You will have control over all of the available resources and the process. You will receive status updates every day and every week summarizing the progress of the sprints, potential risks, and the schedule of work for the upcoming releases. 

How exactly does it work? 

We create your development team 

Utilizing our own development resources and recruitment capabilities, we create your team in accordance with your requirements. Since we work hard to retain our finest employees, you might discover some development tools available right now. If necessary, our HR team will assist in finding the right candidates locally, nationally, and regionally (Eastern Europe) in order to fulfill your unique demands. 

We incorporate the group or center into your website

You will be assigned with a Delivery Manager who will be in charge of the team’s interaction with your website. During the initial months of your collaboration, he or she will work closely with you to develop an effective remote cooperation model and assist in setting up all the agile procedures required for a geographically dispersed team. The Deliver manager will also oversee team-building exercises, technological alignment, the integration of business processes, and setting up and managing effective communication. 

We handle administration

At our development centers, we handle all team-related administration. We give your staff access to technical infrastructure, support lifelong learning, and foster professional development. Your developers won’t work alone because we strive to provide a professional environment for developers working at our development centers. 

The creation of the product is entirely within your control 

The engagement model enables you to manage your team similarly to how you manage your internal one, while we provide you with the essential tools and ongoing support. Additionally, you can involve us at any point during our collaboration so that we can aid in facilitating relationships and communication with your staff. 

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