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At the connection of IT and Marketing, there are a ton of opportunities, including improved accountability, increased revenue, and deeper consumer insights. At Powergate Australia we assist tech firms, brands, publishers, and agencies in developing automated end-to-end systems that address current and upcoming difficulties in marketing and advertising software. 

Digital Advertising Management Software 

PowerGate designs and builds digital advertising management software to easily integrate with your in-house systems — CRM, ERP, a real-time bidding platform, a demand-side platform (DSP), and connect with other ad tech platforms to easily run ad campaigns and manage the sales funnel. 

Modern Analytics Dashboard

Our experts will help you build custom dashboards for your specific needs, integrate modern BI tools, such as PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, etc., and to visualize data and show insights from a real-time view of your customer behavior and purchasing power. 

Automation Marketing Solution 

We apply our unique expertise and best practices in advertising technologies to deliver standardized and structured customer-related data, customer communication management, big data processing and automation, reports generation. 

Real-Time Bidding Solution 

Save time and effort from a real-time bidding advertising solution that is required to conduct any programmatic transaction and help to connect inventory advertising buyers and sellers. Popular software are demand-side platforms (DSP), supply-side platforms (SSP), and ad-serving software. 


Domain Expertise 

We are aware of your desire and worries because we have worked on numerous MarTech projects. Choose a seasoned provider to keep your mind at ease, and make use of our knowledge of video, big data, and AdTech for cross-domain solutions. 

R&D Centre 

The destination of your project is obvious, but how will you get there yet? Allow our Research and Development to investigate the most cutting-edge tech stacks to identify the winning mix for your scenario. 

Modern UI and smart UX 

Both your clientele and your marketing staff deserve intuitive, stylish software. You won’t have to accept anything less than pixel-perfect treatment while working with our design and development team. Whether you need a desktop, a mobile device, or both, we have you covered. 

Always Agile 

One of the similarities between IT and marketing is the value of flexibility. We adapt to change in all facets of development to provide specialized solutions that prioritize your company’s demands. 

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Today, the marketplace is still permeating daily life. According to predictions, by 2020, retail e-commerce sales worldwide would reach a startling $4 trillion.




It involves managing a variety of tasks, including managing several projects, following various locations, maintaining up-to-date inventory, selling real estate, locating renters, and recruiting investors for new construction, among many other things.


Real Estate

Real Estate

Social networking is the process of creating connections via people to increase the number of commercial and social relationships.


Social Network

Social Network
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