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Today, the marketplace is still permeating daily life. Global retail e-commerce sales were estimated to be at 5.2 trillion dollars in 2021. This figure is forecast to increase by 56% over the next years, reaching about 8.1 trillion dollars by 2026. To create a single point of contact for multiple business owners and customers and take your company to a new level, PowerGate Australia team works with retailers, companies, and brands to build multi-vendor online web and mobile marketplace platforms.

Custom Marketplace Development 

When it comes to developing marketplace software, we look beyond the lines of code to understand customer demands and design solutions that add value. We analyze each stakeholder’s needs, whether they are sellers or buyers, and then customize our solutions to fit their way of thinking and acting. 

Integration With Third-party Systems 

With our thorough implementation of network architecture creation and data migration services, the PowerGate team will assist you in connecting your marketplace to whatever data you require. 

Security And Compliance 

We take compliance with regulatory standards seriously, and our staff works hard to safeguard and prevent the misuse of your users’ data. We do this by utilizing the most up-to-date methods for data encryption, regular backups, and the prevention of unauthorized access. 

Data Analytics 

Our staff carefully plans the workflow and anticipates what will work best for you by analyzing a vast amount of user data and placing your marketplace in perspective, preventing overruns and reworks. 

Marketing Automation 

With an appealing mobile application created using a low-code mobile platform, you can connect with your customers and encourage foot traffic to your store. Automate your mobile app updates and use thorough analytics to understand more about your consumers. 

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PowerGate Australia teams help tech startups, retailers and brands developing world-class business and customer experiences through their ecommerce software.


Ecommerce and Retail

Ecommerce and Retail
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