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The product is a cutting-edge technology solution renovated by Powergate Software. It is designed to compute and predict factory expenses using historical data. This advanced system holds a crucial role in identifying losses within the factory, making it possible to pinpoint opportunities for cost reduction through simulation. 

PowerGate Australia’s development team has skillfully crafted efficient calculation formulas for factory operations. By carefully examining statistics and graphs, our clients can fine-tune their production strategies and work towards achieving their business objectives. 

Challenge to overcome 

Upon receiving an incomplete project from the customer’s previous development team, we undertook the responsibility of not only implementing new features but also meticulously addressing and rectifying all the lingering issues left behind by their predecessors. Our dedicated efforts encompassed thorough troubleshooting, bug fixing, and ensuring the seamless integration of the new functionality into the existing project framework.  

Another point to note is that the system requires numerous intricate calculation formulas owing to the diverse range of indicators within the factory components. As a result, the team invested substantial time in research, requirement analysis, and the formulation of calculation methodologies. 

By resolving the inherited shortcomings and working with great vigor, we successfully delivered a comprehensive and fully functional solution that surpassed the customer’s expectations.


  • Some of the highlighted features of this innovative digital factory model are: 
  • Advanced-Data Management: this system handles and organizes large volumes of production data 
  • Loss Identification: this system accurately detects various types of losses within the factory 
  • Simulation Capabilities: by simulating different scenarios and production conditions, the system allows users to assess the potential impact of process changes before implementing them in the actual factory setting 
  • Predictive Insights: forecast future performance based on historical data and offer insights into areas for optimization. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: ensuring easy accessibility and actionability of relevant information through visually appealing – dashboards and customizable reports. 
  • Scalability and Integration: this system is designed to scale and adapt to different factory sizes and complexities 


The current application is significantly more robust than its previous version, witnessing a boost in stable sessions from 60% to 90%. These enhancements have resulted in decreased resource requirements for application maintenance, consequently lowering product expenses. 


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