Our Dedicated teams at PowerGate create software solutions utilizing the Agile methodology with Scrum framework at its core. Scrum is an agile project management technique that employs an iterative process. Instead of attempting to plan every step-in advance, the Scrum framework enables the development process advances through a series of timebox increments, called Sprints, with its main goal is to increase the customer’s return on investment (ROI) by producing functional software quickly and adapting to changing requirements swiftly. The project’s direction can be changed as necessary after each interval to accommodate any new conditions or situations, making this development approach highly adaptive and business-value focused. 

Decision on choosing development model

There will undoubtedly be concerns wherever you decide to make your product idea becomes reality. How do you start the process of developing a product? Whom should you collaborate with? What will the price be? 

Which form of software contract you should choose when dealing with a development company is one of the trickiest issues to answer. 

Team (T&M) and Fixed-Price are the two main pricing models used in the product development sector. Therefore, to assist you in making a decision, we have outlined all the essential components and have used concrete examples to show the benefits of each price model.

What is a Team (T&M) contract?

You only pay for the actual time put into developing the application when using team (T&M) pricing. With this adaptable approach, you may adjust the product, rearrange priorities, rearrange features, pivot, and respond to user and market demands. 

Advantages of choosing T&M model

    • High flexibility to change requirements 
    • Simple project beginnings and time savings 
    • Fast response to market changes 
    • Dynamic work scope 
    • Practical testing of hypotheses 
    • Product quality 
    • Better control over the product development & Transparency 
    • Better control over the product development & Transparency 
    • Easier to prioritized 
    • Less conflict and better cooperation 

When is it appropriate to use the Team (T&M) Model?

    • When you want to be sure that products you’re building will fill a market need 
    • You’re planning to create something where user feedback is essential 
    • The product’s scope is unclear and defining it would take more time than the development itself 
    • When you have an original or creative product idea 
    • You have little knowledge of your target market 
    • When the product’s quality is more important than its price

The essential element of software development is an effective client-provider relationship. A contract that is advantageous to both parties can build a strong foundation for their cooperation, as finances are frequently the main source of conflict in a professional agreement. With the appropriate contract, both parties can reduce risks and raise the likelihood of a successful outcome. 

Therefore, if you want a high-quality, loveable product, the Team (T&M) model is the best course of action.

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