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This manga multi-platform system is comprised of a web application, mobile apps, a distinct Single Sign-On stage, and a dedicated payment stage. Users can seamlessly navigate the system, accessing high-resolution images and videos, engaging in book reading, and exploring numerous series. Additionally, the web application facilitates user-generated content, enabling them to post and discuss Anime, Manga, and Japanese Doujinshi (fan-made games and manga).

Challenges and Actions

The project faces significant challenges, including managing a user base exceeding 1.2 million and handling over 30TB of sensitive data, causing performance issues and conflicting post displays. Dependency on a single, inflexible payment gateway poses risks in case of failure or system blockage. The introduction of a new application version has led to user unfamiliarity with the updated UI/UX, resulting in an increased bounce rate. Additionally, the sizable team of more than 20 members requires a streamlined process for synchronized workspaces across platforms to facilitate integration into production. 

To successfully deliver this product to our clients, several approaches were undertaken to solve these challenges. Firstly, we adopted GraphQL instead of RestAPI to optimize performance and streamline data retrieval. Additionally, our team established a robust Staging environment, featuring comprehensive data sets, and facilitated thorough application validation before the official launch. Furthermore, a comprehensive quality management plan has been implemented, encompassing rigorous code reviews led by Technical Managers and Experts, along with strategically placed Quality Assurance gates in QA, UAT, and the Production environment.

By harnessing the capabilities of AI and cloud computing technologies, specifically the AI Recommendation Engine, we have effectively developed a resilient system that can effortlessly gather and analyze extensive data sets. The Recommendation Engine is a pivotal platform component, leveraging AI and cloud computing technologies. Using sophisticated algorithms, this engine efficiently sifts through massive amounts of data to provide personalized recommendations, enabling users to discover manga series that align with their unique interests.

Addressing payment system robustness, we incorporated multiple payment gateways into the system, with a focus on obtaining PCI certification for the development of these gateways. This ensures a secure and resilient financial transaction system. And finally, to facilitate the work of such a large team, we established four Scrum teams. These cross-functional teams are tasked with addressing a spectrum of issues and expediting the production delivery process, ensuring adaptability and swift responses to customer needs.


The update of the whole system quickly gained the heart of the readers within a short time. After users got familiar with the new UI, a lot of positive feedback was received regarding the usability and intuitiveness of this new UI. The number of stable sessions also doubled.  


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