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Industry experts listed the top reasons why firms are increasingly choosing eLearning over traditional teaching techniques as cost savings, universal accessibility, increased flexibility, and higher information retention. Over the past ten years, PowerGate Australia has built and customized eLearning solutions and provided some edtech projects to businesses, educational institutions, and startups all over the world such as: 

Learning Management System 

The Learning Management System is designed to help an individual to develop, manage and provide online courses, programs, and tutorials to learn. It provides a platform for the students and instructors to learn and highlights their skills which can be widely used in educational, corporate or government. 

Skill Assessments and Progress Solution 

Many educational software platforms provide built-in assessments and progress-tracking tools. These features allow educators to evaluate student performance, identify areas of improvement, and track individual or class-wide progress over time. 

Certification & Reward 

It is necessary to develop features to recognize and reward learners such as badges, points, and leaderboards, which can be incorporated into educational software to motivate students and make the learning experience more engaging and enjoyable. 

Interactive learning through gamification

Educational software might combine gaming and education into one and integrate multimedia content such as reward schemes, points, combat modes, tests, quizzes, and achievements that are excellent for enticing and motivating players. It helps to improve the user’s experience in a high interactivity level and cost-effective way. 

VR-based and AR-based learning in Edtech

New technology has completely changed the picture. As people migrate to digital platforms more quickly, learning has become the most interactive experience. 

Virtual and augmented reality technology will be widely used in the EdTech sector in the near future, allowing students to work on complex subjects like physics, mathematics, or chemistry in a more interesting manner. 

GDPR Compliance

If you are planning on distributing and developing your software across the European Union, we provide custom e-learning products to be fully GDPR-compliant. 

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Other Industries

PowerGate Australia assists international Fintech firms in creating cutting-edge financial technology solutions that upend the world economy.




With the help of PowerGate Australia’s software customization services, healthcare organizations and start-ups may construct comprehensive cross-platform solutions that guarantee a positive patient and physician experience and efficient workflows.




At the connection of IT and Marketing, there are a ton of opportunities, including improved accountability, increased revenue, and deeper consumer insights.


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Marketing and Adtech
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