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he micro-mobility startup we have worked with is a leading Asia Pacific micro-mobility company that offers e-scooter rentals that incentivize users to utilize their app to park their e-scooters in designated parking areas rather than haphazardly leaving them on the street.  

Five years ago, our client flew to Vietnam to visit our office and discuss the ability to develop and launch a minimum viable product (MVP) mobile application from scratch within a tight timeframe. Prior to that, they attempted to hire internal developers to create and deploy the IONIC backend but were unsuccessful because IONIC was still a relatively new framework at that time, and only a few developers knew about it. So they looked around to find a trustworthy agency with the complete capability to implement it. 

How we help our client 

In the beginning, we grouped a lean mobile software expert group from PowerGate to develop the minimum viable product (MVP) was developed and successfully released within three months, and subsequently, the admin web app and mobile application were completed.  

In the second phase, after MVP mobile app was launched, employing the Agile methodology for the project management approach, we partnered up with our partner to center on expanding to a bigger system, ensure the system remains stable, and reaching a consensus on the product roadmap, emphasizing the importance of clearly prioritizing epics, issues, and sprint objectives. 

Presently, at the point when the system maintains stability, we provide a dedicated team of Developers and Quality Assurance personnel to conduct regular testing, address any issues, and ensure the smooth functioning of the system on a daily basis. 


The key concept of this mobile app is typically focusing on user-centric, providing a smooth user experience refers to designing and optimizing every touchpoint and interaction within the mobile user journey to be intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable. 

The mobile app should gain comprehensive functions that allow users to locate, unlock, and rent e-scooters directly from their smartphones. Additionally, the app may provide information about the scooter’s battery life, distance traveled, and other relevant details.  

Some other essential features are:  

    • Map Integration 
    • QR code & unlock ride 
    • Payment Gateway Integration 
    • GPS Tracking 
    • Smart Log 


The minimum viable product (MVP) was developed within a three-month timeframe, and subsequently, the admin web app and bigger system were completed. This development marked the beginning of the scooter era and prompted the government to introduce new legislation regarding e-scooters. Additionally, the company successfully secured a total funding of $126 million and has expanded its operations to 10 cities at present. 

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