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This platform is an intermediary between people who require online courses for children and the providers who offer those courses. Parents have a wide range of options when it comes to selecting courses for their children, including skill development courses and supplementary courses for school subjects. Besides, by utilizing this platform, course providers gain exposure to a wider range of learners that they might not have been able to reach independently. 

PowerGate helped our client develop an admin portal to manage and monitor courses, events, purchases, and chats to support both providers and course buyers. Through continuous enhancements during the development process, the app consistently ensures seamless and efficient interactions among all involved parties. 

Challenge to overcome 

Our client approached PowerGate Australia with a request to develop the software from scratch. PowerGate promptly presented a well-suited and highly skilled dev team that swiftly understood the customer’s requirements and commenced work within a week. 

To effectively handle substantial volumes of user data in the future, our team developed an admin portal that enabled providers and course buyers to manage courses, events, purchases, and chats. Furthermore, we consistently enhanced the user interface (UI) of our client’s platform to deliver an exceptional user experience (UX). We also integrated new payment methods that are best suited to meet the preferences of our customers.


Some of the highlighted features of this innovative online learning platform for kids are: 

  • Online Courses for Children’s Development: Offer a wide range of online courses specifically designed to support children’s development in various areas. Expert instructors employ innovative teaching methods to make learning enjoyable and effective, providing a comprehensive learning experience that promotes holistic development. 
  • Complementary Courses for School Subjects: Provide complementary courses that align with school subjects, offering additional support and reinforcement for students.  
  • Course Consultancy for Parents: Assist parents in making informed decisions about course selection by understanding your child’s unique interests, learning style, and educational goals 
  • Course and Provider Management: Allow users to manage course content, track student progress, and receive valuable feedback. Providers can easily update course materials, schedule classes, and communicate with learners.  


Since the platform was launched on the market, our client has seen a significant increment in revenue and raised US $300,000 in funding from Goodwater Capital and Techstars within 3 months.

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