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Our client is a promising startup based in Hong Kong, dedicated to revolutionizing the KTV industry through cutting-edge technology. Their vision is to establish a KTV brand that stands out for its state-of-the-art solutions, ranging from central system management to broadcasting, live streaming, and room-based song-scoring systems. 

Challenges and Actions

Our partner, brimming with innovative ideas, faced a critical hurdle – their limited team and resources. Transforming their exciting vision into a tangible, user-friendly software solution proved difficult. They struggled to bridge the gap between conceptualization and development, while also needing to control the budget carefully.
The PowerGate Australia Development Team entered the scene, offering a perfect solution. With our rich experience in helping startups, we quickly identified what was best for the partner at the time – a POC for the application. Through close collaboration, the PG team transformed the startup’s vision into reality. We designed an intuitive and engaging user interface, built robust core functionalities, and ensured the software’s stability through rigorous testing. Additionally, our project management expertise kept the development process on track and within budget. By streamlining development and offering strategic guidance, the PG team ultimately empowered the startup to navigate the competitive KTV market and showcase their groundbreaking ideas.


Key Features

Some significant features of this system include live streaming, playlist creation, and smart song recommendation. 

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