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PowerGate Australia proposed a suite of applications for the Fitness system that supported multiple languages and seamlessly integrated with our client’s existing business operations. These applications empowered their customers to explore and engage with products and services, enabling them to conveniently book and purchase gym or yoga classes through a mobile application. The back-office system features facilitated efficient club services and resources management, including visual report analysis capabilities for payment reports, sales reports, and comprehensive client insights. Additionally, a dedicated iPad application was developed to streamline tasks, schedules, and client interactions for Sales and Personal Training staff. Data migration from existing systems ensured uninterrupted business operations, and feature prioritization was implemented in phases.

How we helped our client 

The project faced challenges in basing core functionalities on the complex Mindbody platform. This involved clarifying the system with limited permission access and designing within a short timeframe to align with the customer’s current business. Additionally, the application needed to adapt to real user behavior across three platforms: Mindboy, Forzadata, and PowerK. Careful handling and review of sensitive logic and data, such as payments, personal information, and service properties, were crucial.
PowerGate Australia successfully tackled the challenges by thoroughly understanding the complex Mindbody platform, adapting the system to your specific business needs, and integrating real user behavior across multiple platforms. We prioritized essential features in an MVP version, ensuring seamless and secure handling of sensitive data. Through close collaboration and expertise, we delivered a tailored solution that met our client’s expectations and business goals



Some of the highlighted features of this innovative Fitness management are:
– Multiple language support for seamless integration with existing operations
– Mobile application for Clients to book and purchase classes conveniently
– Advanced back-office system features for efficient club service and resource management
– Visual report analysis capabilities, including payment reports, sales reports, and client insights
– Dedicated iPad application for streamlined tasks, schedules, and client interactions for Sales and PT staff
– Data migration for uninterrupted business operations
– Feature prioritization in phases, with plans for Payroll, Marketing, FaceID system, and more

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