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Our client is an experienced tester team with 20 years in the software testing space, and they’ve lived through the headache associated with inefficient QA processes and cloud testing. Growing tired of waiting for something to change, our client decided to make the change themselves. This innovative product plugs AI into Automation Testing enabling Teams to automatically run a Smart Subset of Tests based on Developer Changes to catch Bugs 10x Faster and Earlier. 

Challenge to overcome 

The main challenge during this collaboration was to maintain thorough and clear communication between the customer and the PG development team. Luckily, our product manager at PowerGate Australia is an expert at this, and he was also able to guide the team to perfectly finish all tasks from the customer.  


The product is a total game-changer for QA/testers looking to spot bugs in real-time. Here’s a rundown of its key features: 

  • Instant Test Feedback: Users get immediate feedback on tests, ensuring that issues are identified and addressed as soon as they arise, saving time and resources. 
  • Fast Track Deployments: the product expedites the deployment process, allowing users to release software with confidence and speed, thanks to its efficient testing procedures. 
  • Dynamic Smoke Tests: Enjoy the flexibility of dynamic smoke tests that adapt to users’ ever-evolving codebase, making testing process more agile and responsive. 
  • Shift Left Testing: empowering users to shift testing processes earlier in the development cycle, preventing bugs from taking root and escalating into costly issues. 
  • Save Cloud & Infrastructure Costs: By optimizing testing, this product helps users reduce cloud and infrastructure expenses, making testing endeavors more cost-effective.


After the first delivery of the product, our client was able to present it to a private investor and earned a large amount in seed fund. Nowadays, this product has become one of the most popular testing tools on the market, with more than 50 supported integrations, saving up to 2M in productivity.  

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