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n collaboration with our client, we join forces to create an extensive mobile ordering and concession management platform catering to sports and live events across the US. Through our application and web-based tools, spectators have the opportunity to conveniently order food and beverages from the comfort of their seats and have their selections promptly delivered through express pickup or in-seat delivery services. This partnership aims to enhance the overall event experience for fans by eliminating the need to queue at concession stands, ensuring prompt service and satisfaction. 

How we help our client 

Before starting development, PowerGate Team teamed up with our client to conduct an initial analysis of requirements and goals, identifying the stakeholders, target audience, and features of the platform. 

The development team used an Agile iterative approach, collaborating closely with stakeholders, gathering feedback, and adapting the product backlog as necessary. All work in short, time-boxed iterations called sprints (usually 1-2 weeks). Daily stand-up meetings were held to discuss progress, and challenges, and plan the day’s work. 

A product backlog was created, which listed all the features and functionalities. The backlog was prioritized based on the most valuable and essential items and then every week, we discussed and selected a set of backlog items to be completed during this sprint. It helps to define clear goals, create user stories, and estimate the effort required for each task. 

For every milestone, our software team held a sprint retrospective to refine the team’s approach and ensure continuous improvement. 


To provide a seamless and convenient experience for both customers and restaurant owners, the platform provides these features in a smooth way 

    • User Registration, Login and Management 
    • Menu and Item Listings: Display menus with detailed item descriptions, prices, images, and any available customization options. 
    • Search and Filters: Search for specific dishes, cuisine types, dietary preferences, or nearby restaurants using filters like location, ratings, or delivery time. 
    • Ordering and Customization: Allow users to add items to their cart, customize their orders (e.g., toppings, sauce choices), select portion sizes, and specify special instructions. 
    • Multiple Payment Options: Integrate various payment methods such as Credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or cash on delivery. 
    • QR codes: Access the ordering menu in a single scan. 
    • Order Tracking: Provide real-time order tracking to let users know the status of their orders, estimated delivery times, and delivery personnel details. 
    • Push Notifications: Send notifications to users regarding order confirmations, order status updates, special offers, or restaurant promotions. 
    • Restaurant Dashboard: Offer a separate interface for restaurant owners to manage menus, update item availability, track orders, and access customer feedback. 
    • Real-time fraud monitoring: All in-app payments are processed securely. 
    • Analytics and Reports: Provide comprehensive analytics and reports to restaurant owners, including sales data, popular dishes, customer preferences, and order history. 
    • Integration with POS Systems: Integrate with restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems to synchronize menu items, inventory, and order management. 


By leveraging the expertise and capabilities of our engineers, the client has harnessed the power of technology to enhance their operations. The comprehensive mobile app developed as a result has played a pivotal role in facilitating the business’s expansion. Notably, it created a growth order value that is up to 25% larger than previous orders. 

This achievement speaks volumes about the efficacy of the mobile app and its ability to drive substantial business growth. The app’s seamless functionality, intuitive user experience, and incorporation of advanced features have contributed to its success. By streamlining complex tasks, the app has not only improved operational efficiency but has also enabled the customer to deliver enhanced customer experiences. 

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