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ur client recognized a critical issue in the agricultural industry where approximately $56 billion worth of land transactions occurred annually, yet buyers and sellers lacked access to trustworthy and current information. In response, they took on the challenge of managing and developing a large farmland marketplace in the United States and asked PowerGate for help on the technical side. This remarkable platform was conceived with a brilliant idea at its core: land research should not be a time-consuming endeavor. The goal was to provide users with a seamless and efficient experience, ensuring that reliable and up-to-date information was readily available. By addressing this pressing issue, the product aimed to empower buyers and sellers with the necessary tools and data to make informed decisions, ultimately transforming the landscape of the agricultural real estate market.

How we help our client 

In the beginning days, our client started with a small founder’s team, and they didn’t have a CTO or a software engineer. As a result, their focus primarily remained on developing their product and business while relying on PowerGate team for the necessary technical expertise to build an agriculture online marketplace where landowners could see real-time market values and connect with farmers to buy, sell and rent farmland. 


The farmland marketplace designed to facilitate seamless connections between farmers and landowners while providing access to market information and up-to-date land values includes the main following features: 

    • Land for Sale and Find an Agent: Farmers can directly search for their farms in the list or ask a real estate agent to help them. 
    • Advanced Search and Filtering: Farmers should be able to quickly find relevant land listings or find real estate agents by applying filters such as location, size, price, and specific agricultural requirements.  
    •  Real-time Market Data: The marketplace should integrate with reliable data sources to provide users with up-to-date information on land values, market trends, historical sales data, and other relevant metrics.  
    •  Land Listing and Agent Listing Management: Landowners and Real Estate Agents should have the ability to easily create and manage their land and profile listings, including adding detailed descriptions, images, contact, and any specific agricultural features or amenities.  
    •  Notifications and Alerts: Users should receive notifications or alerts about new land listings that match their criteria, price changes, or other relevant updates in the marketplace.  
    •  Geolocation and Mapping: Integration with geolocation services and mapping functionalities can provide an interactive visual representation of available land, helping users understand the location and surrounding areas.  
    •  Legal and Documentation Support: Providing resources or guidance on legal requirements, documentation, and contracts related to land transactions can assist users in navigating the process smoothly. 


Following two years after the marketplace’s launch, our client achieved a significant milestone by successfully raising a seed round of $3 million. This infusion of funds provided them with the necessary resources to further develop and expand their business. And after 4 years of operating, they garnered attention from a top Inc. 500 fastest-growing private company in New York-based, America, resulting in an acquisition. This strategic acquisition not only validated the potential and growth prospects of the client’s marketplace but also propelled them toward accelerated growth and became an innovation in the agricultural marketplace sector in the US. 

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