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We collaborated closely with our partner to create a cutting-edge OKR software that fosters team alignment, connectivity, and focus on desired outcomes. Whether working in-person or remotely, this comprehensive solution provides leaders with crucial visibility into ongoing work. It is trusted by organizations of all sizes for goal alignment, tracking, and measurement. Users can effortlessly define, share, and track priorities online through web and mobile platforms. Real-time issue identification and automated team notifications ensure users stay on track. The software integrates with collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, as well as data and HRIS systems, allowing seamless performance tracking and management. Users can provide and receive instant feedback, generate custom reports, and recognize professional achievements.

How we help our client 

The customer’s challenge revolved around enhancing the application’s performance to effectively support organizations with a substantial user base of over 1000 people. They required the application to be capable of efficiently managing and processing a high volume of data and user interactions, ensuring optimal speed and reliability. The customer sought features and optimizations that would enable the application to scale seamlessly, accommodating the needs of large organizations while delivering a smooth and responsive user experience. Emphasizing performance optimization and scalability became a crucial requirement for the application to meet the demands of organizations with a significant number of users. 
To address this challenge, the PowerGate team undertook a comprehensive approach to optimize the application’s performance and scalability. They conducted in-depth analysis and benchmarking to identify areas for improvement and implemented various strategies to enhance efficiency. This included optimizing database queries, implementing caching mechanisms, and adopting scalable infrastructure solutions. Additionally, the team utilized load testing and performance profiling to identify and address any bottlenecks or performance limitations. By employing best practices in application architecture, leveraging advanced technologies, and continuously monitoring and optimizing the application’s performance, PowerGate successfully resolved the customer’s challenge. The result was an application that could effectively handle the demands of organizations with a large user base, providing a seamless and responsive experience for all users. 

To overcome the issue and ensure customer satisfaction, the PG team took proactive measures. They communicated with the customer to emphasize the importance of timely hardware device provision for efficient development and testing. In collaboration with the customer, a revised timeline was established, considering the delivery of hardware devices. Additionally, the PG team optimized the development process by focusing on other aspects of the project that didn’t rely on specific hardware testing. This allowed parallel progress and prevented further delays. With close coordination, effective communication, and strategic planning, the PG team successfully completed the project, meeting the customer’s expectations and delivering a high-quality solution. 


The web app offers a range of powerful features designed to enhance OKR management and drive organizational success. Users can easily monitor and track their personal and organization’s OKRs, ensuring alignment and progress towards desired outcomes. The integration with popular chat tools like Slack facilitates seamless communication and collaboration around OKRs. The app also provides timely reminders to encourage users to update their OKRs, keeping everyone accountable and on track. With the ability to view summary reports and receive email notifications, users gain valuable insights into OKR performance. Additionally, the app offers a library of templated OKRs, offering inspiration and guidance for effective goal-setting. Users can further break down their OKRs into sub-tasks and perform check-ins at the sub-task level, promoting granularity and progress tracking. 

Key features of the web app include: 

    • Monitoring and tracking personal and organization’s OKRs 
    • Integration with Slack and other chat tools
    • Reminder notifications for updating OKRs
    • Summary reports and email notifications
    • Access to a library of templated OKRs
    • Sub-task division and check-ins for detailed progress tracking. 


Our platform has gained recognition and adoption from leading companies such as Slack, Remitly, Ticketmaster, Urban Company, and others, demonstrating its credibility and value in the market. Remarkably, our client managed to secure a substantial funding of $76 million before being acquired by Microsoft, underscoring both the trust and financial support invested in the platform’s success. 

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