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owerGate Australia took on the task of transforming our Australian client’s existing software test management products, which were built as WinForms applications with numerous functional errors and limited maintenance, scalability, and multisite deployment capabilities. The objective was to create a brand-new web application that would enhance performance, accessibility, scalability, and user-friendliness while preserving the existing business logic and data.

Key features

The PowerGate Australia team achieved the transformation by wrapping an API layer around the existing C# code, bridging the gap between the new user interfaces and the old data and business logic layers. This approach allowed for a seamless transition to a web environment with a refreshed presentation layout and a much more user-friendly interface. By connecting to the same existing database, the new web application preserved the clients’ data and allowed for a smooth adoption by end-users.

Challenge to be overcome

The main challenge in developing this product was retaining the logic and data access layers while improving the security of the old code base. PowerGate Australia addressed this by implementing techniques to convert existing in-line queries to more secure ones, ensuring the database remained immutable to outside threats. The team navigated the complexity of maintaining functionality and data integrity while enhancing the security of the application.


The successful transformation of the software test management products into a web application has yielded significant achievements for our client. They can now convert existing customers and onboard new ones more efficiently and with fewer resources. The improved user-friendly interface has enabled them to target younger organizations and adapt their industry-specific requirements, unlocking new revenue streams for their business. The transition to a web-based platform has expanded the client’s reach, allowing them to serve a broader customer base and enhance their market position. The newly transformed application not only offers a more modern and intuitive user experience but also provides improved performance, accessibility, and scalability, meeting the evolving needs of the industry. The software team is able to automatically run a smart subset of tests based on developer updates to find defects 10x faster and earlier, recording an 80% reduction in saving costs and boosting productivity. PowerGate Australia’s expertise in transforming legacy systems has empowered our client to overcome their technological limitations and achieve substantial growth and success.

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