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s part of our client’s ERP product, we undertook a project to develop an integrated Human Resource Management (HRM) system to replace the outdated system used in their factories located in Indonesia. This customized HRM solution was designed to align with the cultural practices of Indonesia, incorporating specific features such as calculations for Ramadan holidays. The system aimed to cater to the needs of administrators, supervisors, and common employees, offering a comprehensive set of features.

Key features

The HRM system we developed provided distinct features tailored to different user roles within the organization. Administrators had access to a wide range of functions to manage employee records, attendance, leaves, and payroll calculations. Supervisors were equipped with tools to efficiently monitor and track employee performance and attendance. Common employees benefited from features that allowed them to view their attendance records, apply for leaves, and access their payroll information. The system was scalable and capable of supporting factories or companies with over 2000 employees, ensuring efficient performance and reliable data management. 

Challenge to be overcome

During the development process, we encountered challenges related to the scale and complexity of the project. As the system was extensive, there existed a gap between the development team’s understanding and the customer’s expectations. To bridge this gap, our team at PowerGate Australia invested significant effort in frequent communication with the customer to clarify requirements and ensure alignment. Resolving this challenge was crucial to delivering a product that met the customer’s expectations. 


The integrated HRM system we developed proved to be a remarkable achievement, bringing numerous benefits to the client’s organization. With its automated payroll calculation function and customizable factory settings, the system offered exceptional convenience for managers and administrators. The ability to record attendance, manage leaves, and generate individual payrolls streamlined HR processes, increasing efficiency and accuracy. Ultimately, the project’s success was reflected in the customers’ satisfaction with our resolution of the requirement challenge and the delivery of a product that exceeded their expectations. 

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