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The product developed by PowerGate Australia aims to provide immediate notification and enhanced communication during emergency situations. It serves the critical purpose of reducing confusion and enabling individuals to make quick and safe decisions. The development team focused on maintaining optimal performance to ensure that the app functions effectively in real-life scenarios, catering to hundreds of thousands of users within a building. Key features include a Walkie Talkie functionality for improved communication during crises, group chat capabilities to ensure everyone is notified, and a direct connection with the police force for swift emergency response.

Key features

The key features of this potentially life-saving application encompass a Walkie Talkie feature that facilitates communication between administrators, supervisors, and users during emergencies. This enables clear instructions to be relayed to individuals within a building, guiding them to safe locations. The platform also supports group chat functionality to ensure that all users are notified, even in chaotic situations. Additionally, the app establishes a direct connection with the police force, assigning them to specific buildings to be the first to receive notifications during active shooter situations. Administrators have the authority to signal alarms (such as shooter, tornado, or fire) without requiring admin verification, streamlining the response process.

Challenge to be overcome

The implementation of the project posed a challenge in terms of distributing the app across the United States. The client’s target audience includes users in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and train stations, where large crowds gather. The challenge was to ensure that the app’s performance could handle the simultaneous usage of 5,000 concurrent users during peak times of emergencies. PowerGate Australia tackled this challenge by conducting performance testing to assess the system’s stress handling capabilities. Based on the findings, we proposed a scale-up plan, which involved upgrading infrastructures and implementing optimizations to enhance app performance during critical moments.


The developed application has the potential to serve as a vital tool for ensuring community safety during crisis situations. It not only alerts school students but also other societal groups to potential threats. While awaiting approval from authorities and undergoing further testing, the app has already demonstrated the power of technology in safeguarding communities, even with limited resources and time. The efforts of PowerGate Australia’s development team in optimizing performance, enhancing communication, and establishing a direct connection with law enforcement agencies have positioned the app as a reliable and efficient solution for emergency situations. The project’s achievements lie in the creation of a tool that can save lives and empower individuals to respond effectively when every second counts.

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