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Unibo is an innovative and immersive platform that takes the player experience to new heights. Designed with a player-friendly user interface at its core, it offers a seamless and intuitive gaming environment. The system incorporates various gamification elements, including leaderboards, achievements, challenges, and rewards, to keep players engaged and motivated. With its simple and efficient technical setups, online casinos can easily integrate this system into their existing platforms. Players can enjoy a personalized and interactive gaming journey, unlocking exciting bonuses and advancing through different levels as they play. This gamification system not only enhances the overall entertainment value but also fosters a sense of competition and camaraderie among players. By leveraging the power of gamification, online casinos can create a truly captivating and rewarding experience for their players, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How we help our client 

The customer faced a significant challenge when they hired another agency to handle their project, only to be disappointed by the agency’s inability to deliver satisfactory results. This setback left the customer frustrated and in need of a reliable partner who could rescue the project and ensure its successful completion. With the project already delayed and resources wasted, the customer turned to the expertise and experience of the PG team to address the situation. 

Understanding the urgency and importance of the project, the PG team swiftly took action to assess the existing state of the project and identify the areas that needed immediate attention. They conducted a thorough analysis of the requirements and expectations, collaborating closely with the customer to establish clear communication channels and rebuild trust. Leveraging their technical prowess and domain expertise, the PG team meticulously planned and executed a revised project strategy, emphasizing efficiency and quality. They streamlined the development process, addressed any existing issues, and ensured seamless integration with the customer’s existing systems. Through effective project management and proactive communication, the PG team successfully delivered the project on time, meeting all the customer’s requirements and exceeding their expectations. The customer expressed their satisfaction with the outcome, recognizing the PG team’s dedication, expertise, and ability to turn the project around, ultimately establishing a strong and enduring partnership.


Engage players with a captivating array of interactive features: 

    • Embark on thrilling Missions, challenging players to complete specific tasks and earn rewards. 
    • Compete in exhilarating Tournaments against other players, showcasing your skills and aiming for victory. 
    • Experience the excitement of hitting Jackpots, offering the chance for significant winnings and big payouts. 
    • Enjoy the thrill of surprise Prize Drops, where lucky players are randomly selected to receive exciting rewards. 
    • Take advantage of Cashback incentives, earning rewards based on your gameplay and providing added value. 

These immersive features elevate your online casino experience, offering engaging gameplay elements that keep players entertained and motivated. From completing missions to competing in tournaments, winning jackpots, enjoying surprise rewards, and benefiting from cashback, the gamification system creates a dynamic and rewarding gaming environment. Get ready to explore a world of interactive entertainment and unforgettable experiences. 


Since its launch, our product has achieved remarkable success, making a significant impact in the market. Our client’s user base has grown rapidly, with an impressive acquisition of 3000 users. Furthermore, the platform has been receiving an outstanding monthly visit count of 8,000, demonstrating its popularity and the value it brings to users. This notable achievement reflects the effectiveness and appeal of our product, as it continues to attract and engage a substantial audience. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, our product has successfully captivated users, providing them with a compelling online experience and positioning our client as a leader in the industry. 

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