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owerGate Australia has established a long-term partnership with our client, collaborating on the development of software products. We have previously worked together to create the initial version of the app, and subsequently participated in the Re-skin app project to elevate its capabilities.

Key features

The application developed by our team allows business owners to digitally oversee their employees’ timesheets and work sheets. It serves as an extension that enables employees to input relevant information into the web application. One of the pivotal features of the app is the ability to send workers’ location to the server when they check in or out, ensuring that they are present at the designated work site at the correct time. Additionally, our team focused on addressing bugs and inconveniences that had been identified in the previous version of the app. Moreover, the client desired a comprehensive UI reskin, for which they lacked front-end developers. PowerGate Australia collaborated with the client’s in-house back-end team to implement new features, resolve existing issues, and deliver the app with a brand-new design.

Challenge to be overcome

One of the primary challenges encountered during the project was the inaccurate functioning of the location tracking feature in the previous code. Our team diligently addressed this issue, ensuring that workers’ location data was accurately recorded. Additionally, the collaboration between PowerGate Australia and the client’s in-house team required effective coordination, documentation, and regular meetings to ensure seamless collaboration. 


The collaboration between PowerGate Australia and our client resulted in significant improvements to the app’s UI and performance, receiving positive feedback from end clients. The application has gained popularity among several companies in Europe and has proven instrumental in helping numerous businesses effectively manage their employees. It has become the leading employee time tracking solution in Estonia, boasting over 700 satisfied customers and more than 50,000 daily users. The successful delivery of the app with enhanced functionality, resolved issues, and a refreshed UI demonstrates the capability of PowerGate Australia to deliver high-quality software solutions that meet the needs of businesses and contribute to their success.

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