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ur esteemed partner had a pressing need to revolutionize healthcare accessibility for the residents of Iowa, which prompted us, PowerGate, to embark on a transformative journey. Leveraging our expertise, we meticulously crafted a groundbreaking mobile app that encompasses the entire spectrum of online pharmacy services. Through an exhaustive process of designing, coding, rigorous testing, and ongoing maintenance, we ensured that the app is at the forefront of technological innovation. 

This comprehensive healthcare app empowers users with a multitude of communication options, enabling them to effortlessly connect with healthcare professionals via text, chat, email, and phone. A standout feature of the app is its advanced image recognition capability, which allows users to capture images of their medications, automatically extracting vital information such as the RX number and drugstore name, streamlining prescription transfers to doctors. 

Setting itself apart from conventional pharmaceutical services, this exceptional application boasts an array of unique features, including a robust delivery system that guarantees prompt and reliable medication delivery. Furthermore, the app incorporates an intuitive auto-refilling program, ensuring that users never run out of essential medications. With this revolutionary healthcare app, our partner has successfully introduced a new era of healthcare convenience and accessibility to the people of Iowa. 

How we help our client 

Our esteemed client faced a significant challenge in their project journey as they lacked a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a dedicated development team. Without the necessary technical expertise and resources, they were unable to effectively drive their project forward. This created a bottleneck in the development process, hindering progress and jeopardizing the timely delivery of their desired solution. 

To address this critical issue, PowerGate swiftly stepped in to bridge the gap and provide the much-needed technical support. Our experienced team of professionals acted as an extension of their organization, assuming the role of a virtual CTO and offering dedicated development resources. With our deep understanding of their requirements and objectives, we seamlessly integrated into their project ecosystem, aligning our efforts with their vision and goals. 

Through close collaboration, effective communication, and meticulous planning, our team navigated the complexities of the project and delivered exceptional results. By leveraging our expertise and utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we successfully resolved the challenges at hand and completed the project with utmost customer satisfaction. Our client was able to overcome the lack of a CTO and development team, as we provided them with the necessary technical guidance, robust development capabilities, and efficient project management, ensuring the successful realization of their vision. 


The product offers a range of key features to enhance the user experience and streamline healthcare processes, including: 

    • Text, chat, email, and phone communication channels for easy and convenient interaction. 
    • Image recognition technology to identify prescription information by photographing medicine. 
    • Seamless transfer of prescriptions to doctors for efficient processing. 
    • Unique delivery and auto-refilling programs to ensure medication availability and convenience. 


Collaborating with PowerGate proved to be instrumental in achieving outstanding results for our client. With their expertise and support, our client’s healthcare mobile app garnered remarkable success, amassing over 5000 downloads within the first month of its release. This achievement not only demonstrates the app’s widespread appeal but also highlights the effectiveness of our partnership in delivering impactful solutions to meet the needs of Iowa residents. 

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