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PowerGate Australia had the chance to collaborate with our partner in creating a revolutionary product that changes the way global workers are getting their paychecks. With personal finance management becoming more and more important in today’s VUCA environment, there has been a trend among workers to invest a part of their earnings in cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Our client came up with this product to serve as a flexible payroll, invoicing, and benefits solution for this specific need. 

With this unique product, employees now have the option to register and create direct deposit accounts, enabling them to receive payments from any company or client. Companies can reward their workers with unique digital assets. International executives experience quicker and more cost-effective payment processing compared to traditional wire transfers. 

Challenge to overcome 

PowerGate assisted our client with a crucial transition – migrating their database from DynamoDB to SQL as they experienced the many disadvantages of DynamoDB in managing users’ data. 

PowerGate Australia extended our expertise to aid the clients in the comprehensive revamp of their admin portal. As part of this transformation, PG seamlessly integrated the Stripe payment gateway. This integration not only facilitated efficient payment processing but also boosted user trust through enhanced security measures. The PG team also carried out the implementation of Plaid, a robust system enabling users to seamlessly link their bank accounts. This integration streamlined the process of connecting bank accounts, reducing friction and enhancing the overall usability of the whole ecosystem. 

Finally, we introduced Finch to the system, enabling users to connect this product with other HR services for a comprehensive management solution. 


Key features 

This product offers a range of features that cater to the needs of both employers and employees regarding payroll, payments, and cryptocurrency. Here are some of the notable features of this product: 

  • – Direct Deposit for Cryptocurrency: This product allows users to receive a portion of their wages in cryptocurrency directly into their chosen wallet. This feature enables employees to invest in and hold cryptocurrencies as a form of savings. 

  • – Global Payments: This product facilitates international payments, offering a cost-effective and faster alternative to traditional wire transfers. This is particularly beneficial for freelancers, remote workers, and businesses with international employees or clients. 

  • – Stablecoin Integration: This product offers the option to receive wages in stablecoins, which are cryptocurrencies designed to maintain a stable value. This helps individuals in regions with high inflation to protect their earnings from devaluation. 

  • – Employee Benefits: This product offers a variety of financial services, including retirement account contributions and health savings accounts, to help users plan for their financial future. 

  • – HR Integrations: This product provides integrations with HR systems, enhancing the overall workflow for both employers and employees by connecting seamlessly with existing HR processes. 




This product helped the founders to gather US $3.1M in funding. It is now serving more than 200 employers and their employees

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