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rom the perspective of functionality and technology, PowerGate combined with our partner to build a product that provides free real estate assessment and investment advice based on Artificial Intelligence combined with Big Data with the experience of the real estate investment experts. 

It is noteworthy that this marketplace in Asia pioneers the provision of a 9-year profit projection report for real estate products employing AI technology. This report empowers real estate investors to carefully evaluate the most lucrative period for a specific product, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding the optimal timing for buying and selling real estate assets.

How we help our client 

PowerGate employed the Agile methodology with a software dedicated team that undertakes product development in two distinct phases: 

Phase 1: The initial phase involves the creation of a minimum viable product (MVP) web application within a three-month timeframe. 

Phase 2: The subsequent phase entails the development of advanced modules and portals, including a Data Web Tool, User App, and a Web Portal designed for Sales administration. 


We created an innovative product platform that prioritizes value delivering to real estate investors. The core product values revolve around providing: 

1. Prediction: The platform employs predictive modeling techniques to forecast property prices based on historical data patterns, market factors and analyze these main factors: 

    • Predict the maximum potential profitability in short-term and long-term 
    • Analyze the legal safety rating 
    • Analyze the financial safety rating 
    • Evaluate events that increase property prices 
    • Evaluate traffic situation 
    • Evaluate utility score around the property

2. Search functionality: Allow users to specify their preferences and filter properties based on various criteria such as location, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, etc

3. Compare: Comparing properties and the predicted prices within a given area or across different locations enables the investors to assess the relative value of properties and make informed decisions.

4. Visualization: To facilitate easy understanding and interpretation of predictions, the platform includes visualization tools of charts, graphs, and maps. These tools help users explore trends, compare prices, and identify investment opportunities.

5. Notifications and Alerts: The product offers personalized notifications and alerts to keep users informed about market updates, price changes, new listings, and other relevant information. 


Within a span of two months after its launch, the number of registered users rapidly reached 5000. Additionally, during the prelaunch phase, our client successfully garnered over 2000 registrations. The product has garnered positive feedback by introducing a groundbreaking approach to real estate investment methodology in Asia. 

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