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In pursuit of digital transformation, our client made a strategic decision to create a comprehensive and advanced product catering to the unique needs of the automotive aftermarket. This innovative solution combines essential functionalities such as point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and warehouse management system (WMS) software. By integrating all these critical applications, it equips small-to-medium businesses with the tools necessary to efficiently manage every aspect of their operations. With a wide range of features included as standard, this application empowers organizations to seamlessly oversee and control warehouse operations from the moment goods or materials enter the facility until their departure, ensuring a streamlined and optimized workflow.

How we help our client 

As businesses strive to thrive in today’s fast-paced market, it is not uncommon for clients to face the challenge of juggling multiple responsibilities. In this scenario, the client finds themselves in a predicament where they desire to concentrate on the business aspects, but are in need of a reliable and competent partner to handle their technological needs. They understand the significance of leveraging technology for efficiency and growth, but lack the resources or expertise to navigate the complex tech landscape effectively. This conundrum calls for a solution that allows the client to offload the technical responsibilities to a trustworthy partner, enabling them to focus on their core business objectives. 

In response to the client’s desire to concentrate on their core business activities, PowerGate, a distinguished technology firm consisting of a team of seasoned professionals, emerges as the perfect ally. Recognizing the intricate balancing act faced by the client, PowerGate steps forward as a trusted and proficient partner, adeptly handling the client’s technological needs. Leveraging their comprehensive range of technical expertise, PowerGate offers a seamless solution that allows the client to offload the complex tech responsibilities. By entrusting PowerGate with the management of their intricate technological requirements, the client gains the freedom to refocus their efforts on strategic decision-making and core business operations. With PowerGate’s highly skilled team at their side, the client can confidently navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape, ensuring efficient and effective achievement of their business objectives.


The system offers the following main features: 

    • Point of Sale (POS): The system provides a robust POS functionality, enabling businesses to process transactions efficiently, manage inventory, and generate sales reports. 
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): It includes a comprehensive CRM module to manage customer interactions, track sales leads, and enhance customer satisfaction through personalized communication. 
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): The system integrates ERP capabilities, allowing businesses to streamline processes such as inventory management, order fulfillment, financial management, and resource allocation. 
    • Warehouse Management System (WMS): With a dedicated WMS module, the system enables effective management of warehouse operations, including inventory tracking, stock movement, order picking, and shipment management. 
    • Streamlined Operations: The application provides a cohesive platform for businesses to efficiently manage every aspect of their operations, integrating POS, CRM, ERP, and WMS functionalities to optimize workflows and enhance productivity. 
    • Standardized Features: The system comes with a wide range of features included as standard, eliminating the need for additional customization. This ensures businesses can quickly leverage the software’s capabilities without extensive modifications. 
    • Seamless Control: From the moment goods or materials enter the facility until their departure, the system empowers organizations to seamlessly oversee and control warehouse operations, resulting in a streamlined and optimized workflow. 

By incorporating these features, the system equips automotive aftermarket businesses with the necessary tools to embrace digital transformation and efficiently manage their operations, enhancing productivity and overall performance. 


After 6 months of development, our client unveiled an innovative cloud-based technology platform specifically tailored for the automotive aftermarket. This cutting-edge solution has been successfully implemented in over 1000 shops, garnering tremendous acclaim and earning the prestigious title of Winner in the Technology category of the AAPEX/SEMA Awards’ New Product Showcase. 

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