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owerGate partnered with our client to create an innovative safety platform aimed at simplifying visitor management for schools and businesses. Our mission was to develop software solutions that automate safety tasks and ensure compliance with campus protection laws and regulations. By leveraging cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology and intuitive iPad visitor applications, we revolutionized building security with an easy-to-use and flexible platform. Our system offers essential features, such as customizable surveys without the need for coding, pre-screening of staff and visitors for access, and a comprehensive health management dashboard. These capabilities empower schools to maintain a safe and open campus environment, streamline visitor records, and enhance front desk efficiency. With our solution, we enable school and business leaders to prioritize safety and compliance while simplifying their overall visitor management processes.

How we help our client 

The project faced challenges due to frequent changes in requirements from the customer, leading to a slowdown in progress and extensive rework for the development team. The evolving nature of the requirements disrupted the initial project plan and caused delays in meeting milestones. The constant changes created ambiguity and additional efforts were required to align the development process with the changing scope. This not only impacted the timeline but also increased development costs and introduced complexities in managing resources effectively. 

To address these issues and ensure customer satisfaction, the PG team adopted a proactive approach. We initiated regular communication channels with the customer to understand their evolving needs and expectations. Our team implemented an agile development methodology that allowed for flexibility and adaptability to changing requirements. We emphasized effective requirement gathering and documentation to establish a clearer understanding of the project scope. Additionally, we established a change management process that facilitated efficient handling of requirement changes, ensuring proper impact assessment and minimal disruption to the ongoing development activities. By actively collaborating with the customer, managing changes effectively, and maintaining open lines of communication, the PG team successfully navigated the challenges, resolved the issues, and delivered the project to the customer’s satisfaction. 


This product offers a range of powerful features, including: 

    • Advanced safety platform for automating safety tasks and ensuring compliance with campus protection laws. 
    • Easy-to-use visitor management software and iPad applications. 
    • Customizable surveys without coding. 
    • Screening of staff and visitors for enhanced security. 
    • Comprehensive health management dashboard for maintaining a safe campus environment. 
    • Efficient visitor records and increased front desk efficiency. 


The project has achieved remarkable success, gaining significant traction among educational institutions in the United States. In just the first month of its release, the application garnered enthusiastic adoption from over 3000 schools and continues to gain popularity as a leading solution for campus safety management in the education industry. The positive reception and widespread adoption of the application reflect its effectiveness in meeting the needs of educational institutions and providing a reliable platform for enhancing campus safety and security. 

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